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End of year technology preparation - 2018

posted May 15, 2018, 5:57 AM by Jeremy Noyes

NOTICE FROM THE IT DEPARTMENT - End of School Year Preparation - Technology

As the end of the school year approaches please make sure you follow these instructions to prepare district technology for the summer.

  • All WMRSD teacher technology devices need to be turned in for the summer unless you have a full year or extended contract. (Laptops, Ipads, Cameras, etc.) We will be re-imaging teacher laptops the week of June 25th.  If you are teaching summer school (Title 1 or ESY) or are involved in district professional development you still need to turn in your laptop.   You will be issued a laptop as needed with administrator approval. If needed, please go to and click on the link “Teacher Summer Laptop Request Form”.

Please return them to the following locations:

WMRHS - Aric’s office, LES - Server Room in Library, WES - Library,JES - Library

  • Most laptops, ipads, and chargers should already be labeled underneath, if they are not please label them with masking tape first initial, last name (amoody).  Please enter any technical issues with your laptop into the Help Desk before you turn it in.

  • All 6-8 Student 1-1 Chromebooks should be returned to the carts and the carts should be locked. (Please be sure to leave your Chromebook Cart Key with the Office)  9th and 10th Grade Chromebooks will be returned to Aric’s office on June 14th.

  • All PLTW Ipads should be returned to the carts and the carts should be locked.

  • Elementary Teachers: All classroom laptops or desktops used by your students should stay in your rooms and will be collected by IT after school gets out.

  • Make sure all your important files have been backed up to Google Drive.  This will ensure you have access to your files from home and available next year.  If you need an additional backup location you may backup to a USB thumb drive.  Laptops and desktops will be reloaded or replaced this summer and your files on them will be GONE.   If you need help backing up your files, Aric, Alex, and I would be happy to help you, however please don't wait until the last possible minute to do so.  

  • Important:  Next year there will not be an H: Drive.  All staff MUST upload files they want to keep to Google drive.  Your H: drive will not be active next year.

  • If you have desktop/laptop computers in your room.  Please make sure that the area is free of garbage, papers, disks, etc.  These items typically get thrown away during the summer cleaning process.   Turn off desktops and unplug power and network cable from the wall.

  • This time of year is also a good time to go through your email and delete any emails that are no longer needed.  


▢  - I have backed up my needed files to Google Drive.

▢  - I have ensured that my laptop or other technology devices and its power supply are labeled.

▢  - I have turned in my laptop and other technology devices (Including all power supplies)

▢  - I have shut down my classroom computers and unplugged the power.

▢  - My projector is turned off and my remote is labeled with my room number and put away where it will not get lost.